Mobile dental application setting.

We created the simplest and easiest to understand mobile application for solo dentist practices. Nevertheless, there are some points and nuances that can cause difficulties in customizing or using the app. Next, we will emphasize such points and explain how to make it easier to work with them.

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A guide to schedules and hours of operation.

Application presets

You can use the settings “Settings” – “Working hours” or “Schedule” – “Your work schedule”. To create a schedule, go to Settings – Profile and check the Use slots to the right checkbox.

It’s worth noting that in your Ыchedule you can set the

  • repetition for the following days.

  • multiple slots during the day.

Once the Schedule is set up correctly, you will be able to book the patient for an appointment (the plus on the “Visits” tab will be active).

Free Mobile Dental Application For Dentists.

Schedules and Opening Hours.

Checkbox for using Schedules.

Setting up a Schedule.

Setting Hours of Operation.

Appointment and planning of visits.

Sophisticated design and UX

When scheduling your visits, you may see several types of slots:

  • A busy slot or an off-schedule slot.

  • A slot free for assignment.

  • Selecting a time slot for the patient’s appointment.

How to create a new appointment?

Practice office task management

  • Open the Visits tab.

  • Press the + button at the bottom of the screen. If it is missing, set the Schedule.

  • Set the start time and duration of the visit (set of slots). You can set the time slots of the visit in advance.

  • On the next screen, set the parameters for the visit – Interval, patient, room, note, group.

  • Set the status of the visit and save the new visit. You can delete or move a created visit by swiping the visit card to the left.

Mobile dental application free.

The ? icon on some app screens can be disabled in the account settings. Before you turn it off, realize – you already know everything :)

To save data after entering it, tap the “Diskette” icon at the top right of the work screen.

Patient Balance and Payments

Improve your dental practice

  • First, refill the patient’s balance in one of the suggested ways.

  • When a patient is billed, his debt increases.

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