Subscription cost. Possibility of free use.

We provide a free subscription of up to 75 patient records in the database for all users. In our opinion, this approach will help you understand all the features of our software and start automating without cost.


Cost of a subscription for your country, see in the Billing section.


Free licence for up to 75 patient records in the database. No restrictions on basic functionality. For all Subscription plans.



The cost of this Subscription includes a license for one dentist per month.


The cost of an account for an administrator, assistant, or two employees with other roles.


Personal Subscription Fee

Depends on the number of chairs in your dental clinic. Let’s discuss it.


Your cloud.






Database Entries

Additional 1,000 patients


✓ 75 patient records in the database.
✓ Reports for the last 30 working days.
✓ Ability to connect up to 3 users.
✓ No integration with partner solutions.
✓ Limited file storage.
✓ No online Appointment scheduling.
✓ Paid upload of the patient database.

Your subscription starts once you attach your charge card, even if you haven’t reached your plan limits, like 75 patients’ records. You don’t have to attach your card for a free use period but if you would like to help us grow and launch new features faster, we will appreciate this!
Go to Settings > Subscription and enter your card details. The cost of your subscription depends on the number of invited employees.

We do not accept payments for third-party services, but only charge a fixed monthly fee for the ability to use the integration. To pay for partner services, create an account with the service provider and read the terms of payment.

Yes, we are processing payments in 135+ currencies, more likely your currency in this list, so you can pay in your native currency. We use an exchange rate from USD that is updated every three months.

Your card details are fully protected in the same way as you make online purchases, according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and 256-bit HTTPS encryption.

Go to Settings > Subscription to unlink your payment card. You will be able to resume using the programme at any time.

Customised automation of your practice.


For large dental clinics, we carry out individual automation projects based on our own dental software. It usually takes 2-3 months to create and deploy custom software on your local infrastructure or with the help of our partner cloud service provider.

Software discounts and bonuses.

We are ready to discuss an individual price offer for software for your practice. Please discuss this with us. We have also launched several discounts and bonuses for various categories of users.

We have been recognized as the best dental practice software program.

Your Digital Dentistry.

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