Dental treatment processes. Giga Dental Chart.

Treatment automation tools help dentists complete treatments according to clinical guidelines, create multiple treatment plans, keep records of treatment processes through a clinical notes, dental chart and templates and collaborate on treatment with team.


The features of the section automate the duties and tasks of dentists in your practice and simplify and speed up the accounting of treatment processes. How to Run a successful dental practice? Take advantage of these features.

  • Dental Chart

  • Clinical notes

  • Treatment plan

  • Diagnoses (ICD-10)

  • Procedures

  • Periodontal Chart

  • Templates

  • Questionnaire

  • Price list

  • Files

Giga Dental Chart.

The graphical interactive dental chart that we developed combines data and visualization into a single workspace for the dentist and turns the creation of treatment plans into creativity.

Some details about the features.

Treatment plan

With temporary estimate plans, you can create and present different treatment options for your patients without affecting the main Patient dental chart.

Dental formula

All visualization and treatment information. On it, you can mark diagnoses and procedures, select groups of teeth, or link treatment data to an appointment, bill, employee.


You can link an a procedure to Invoice, a appointment, change assigned teeth for the selected procedures and assigned user for the selected procedures.

Clinical notes

You can create and group templates for treatment notes. Mark a note as important and then it will appear in the calendar and will be the first in history.

Periodontal Chart

Dynamic observation of the periodontal condition has been implemented – examination results can be compared at intervals after the start of treatment.

Price list

Create several price lists of your own. Apply the discount to the cost of the procedure. Create procedures templates for use in an invoice or online booking.

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