Online booking and patient portal for your dental practice.


With our software, you can further develop digital dentistry and build multi-channel communications with patients. How can you do this with our tools?

Online booking tools.

With this tool, you can reduce staff workload by reducing the number of calls to the front desk and allow patients to book appointments online through the clinic’s website or on your social media page 24/7. The features and steps for connecting this tool are described below.

Personal link

A unique address will be generated for the online booking form, which can be placed under the button on the website or on social media.

Procedure templates

Before you start with online booking, you need to configure procedures (templates). When filling out the form, the patient will be able to select the procedures they want.

Own design

Add a cover photo to personalize your patient portal. Customize your patient portal with the interactive stories slider. Ability to set the main color of the record form.


Connect your analytics tools – Google Tag ID or Meta Pixel ID.

Please note that correct operation of the online booking form is related to some software settings. In particular, the doctors’ schedules, practice hours, procedures and others.

The dental software program is suitable for clinics and your personal practice.

The Patient Portal.

Increase patient loyalty to your practice by making your practice transparent to them. Open treatment data will help retain patients, and the portal features will help them keep track of the most important treatment data and not miss another visit with you.

Patients can log into their account using their phone number or medical record information.

  • Medical records

  • Visit history.

  • Patient Balance.

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