Last Updated - January 04, 2019

Create an invoice

There are two ways to create a new invoice – from this page, by selecting unbilled procedures/click on create an invoice button or select procedures and click on Create invoice button from Dental Charting page.

In the invoice details, you can adjust price, quantity, add more procedures. Click on the Create button to finalize an invoice.

Make a payment



To make a payment open the invoice details and navigate to the payments tab. Enter payment amount and type (cash card or balance) and click to pay button.

If you pay more than required amount, the difference will be added into patient internal balance and you can use it later to pay for next invoices.
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to delete invoice payment once the payment was made, because of the security. So we make sure that all the payments are transparent.

If you would like, to delete a payment, then you need to delete all invoice and create it again

Adjust patient balance



If the patient doesn’t have debts, you will see a balance option on the top. Here you can check patient balance history, top-ups and withdraw from the account.

To top-up or withdraw from the account, just enter the amount and click on the desired button.