Opportunities of DentalTap

For dentist and team

The doctor’s workspace is the patient’s card, which implements the treatment and office tasks. For convenience, the patient’s card is divided into two work areas – administrative information about the patient is located on the left, and treatment processes on the right. Conveniently?

Treatment processes

Dental formula

Graphic implementation with the ability to mark diagnoses and treatments and an option for children’s teeth. Add treatment plans, diagnoses, procedures with one click.

Medical history

Filled through customizable templates and text notes. Create your own templates and save your time.


The dentist creates bills through a simple selection of the performed procedure in the treatment plan and manages the patient’s balance.


Use DentalTap as a cloud storage of CT and X-ray images. All files of any format and search on them in one place.

Office tasks

Adding fields

The patient card helps to store in the program full information about the patient and take into account the current requirements of regulators.


Tasks, documents and notes help the doctor to conduct quality work with the patient from the first visit to a full recovery.