Price List

You’re almost done with your basic settings!


The last, but important, is to set up your clinic price list. By default all the procedures grouped into categories – Diagnostics, Restoration, Root Canal etc.


These categories are non-editable and you should add the procedures according to this categories.


To add new procedure simply select the category, add/modify procedure code, enter name and procedure price.


Use the top search bar to find procedures by code or name.


The video below explains how to configure your price list.


Create an account

To get started with DentalTap you just need to sign up for an account here:


The registration process is simple and takes less than 1 minute. After registration, you will be able to start your practice management with DentalTap.


Below you can see the video of sign up process.


Subscription Management

DentalTap offers a freemium plan for solo Dental Practices. You can use it for free if you are a solo dentist and you have less than 100 patients records in your database.


Although, in order to get the maximum of DentalTap we recommend you to attach your credit card. After, you can add unlimited patient records, extend your storage and use SMS notifications to your patients.


We will charge you based on your monthly fee and account currency.


All the credit cards data are processing by PCI compliant provider Stripe. You can read more detailed on our Privacy Policy page.


Below the video explaining how to attach a credit card and use it for additional services.




You can invite your colleagues to your subscription and work with them together. This option is suitable for all clinic staff – front-desk managers, administrators, dentists, and assistants.


You can set up all the necessary access rules and restrict access to some parts of the app. For example, front desk managers can manage patient profiles and billings, but can’t manage the treatments and dentists can manage treatments but don’t have access to financial information of patients.


To invite your colleagues you only need their email address. After inviting we will send them an email to sign up.


Please note!

After inviting new person your subscription costs will increase according to your payment plan.


In the video below you can see how to invite new person and set an access rules.


Account settings

After signing up for DentalTap you will see the main dashboard. Before you start your patient management we recommend you to set up all basic things – profile, subscription and price list.


In this video, we will show you how to set up your profile and your clinic profile.


Why it’s important?


We will be using information about your clinic on our patient portal where patients can find a dentist and book an appointment. Your clinic only can be visible if you correctly set up information about your clinic, such as address, phone, website etc.


Below you can see the video of how to set up all the basic account and clinic settings.