Invoices and payments

After creating an invoice you need to receive payment from patient. On the invoices page you can see the statistics – total invoiced, total debts and discounts.


The unpaid invoices are displayed first. There is also a topup option, with this option you can pay once for multiple invoices. For example, let’s say you have 2 invoices for $500, when you using topup option  the amount will be automatically divided between unpaid invoices.


Below the demo of how to accept payments from patients.


Dental charting

Treatment planner – essential module for your practice. After creating a new patient you can see General plan as a default patient treatment plan. Use general plan for initial exam and upcoming treatments.


If you would like to offer a different treatment options to patient, then you should create a new treatment plan. After creating treatment plan you can accept or reject it. Accepted treatment plans are displayed in General Plan and DentalChart merged with General.


You’ll see this treatment plan in the separate procedures tab. After, attach the procedures of this plan to patient appointment to complete.


Below the video explaining how to chart a procedures and create and invoice after.


Patient notes

Note everything that important to your patient in one place. You can use notes to record medical alerts, allergies, results of phone calls, follow-ups or something else.


Below is a simple video how to start working with patient notes.

Patients Management

Keep all of your patients’ data in one place. With DentalTap you always know all the important information about patients. Use the top search bar to find patients by name, phone, internal number email or address.


There are also sorting buttons in patients table, so you can get many insights. For example, with the upcoming birthdays, you can offer them a personal discount or coupon. Sorting patients by last appointment day you will be able to invite them to follow-up visit or sort patients table by balance field to check patients debts.


Also, there are 4 custom filters available – primary (no created appointments yet), collaboration (shared with you, created by other people), debts (patients who have unpaid invoices), archived (deleted patients profiles).


The video below describes all of this patients management features.



The scheduler – is the core of your practice. With DentalTap you can create and manage your appointments in a couple of clicks.


If you have more than one dental chairs in your clinic you can split your scheduler into sections, so you can schedule more than one patient at the same time in different sections.


In the main scheduler window, in the top right corner, you can also see additional buttons. With this buttons, you will be able to check your tasks and unpaid invoices for the period. And using minicalendar you can quickly go on a certain day.


The video below explains basics how to create and manage an appointment with the new patient


Advanced scheduling

You can use scheduler not only for patients but for any kind of notes.


Based on our customers’ data, some of our customers are using it to highlight different locations they are working on, some of the customers are using it when the office temporary, not working and it’s impossible to schedule patient on specific section.


In the video below you can see how it’s easy to create a new calendar note, move it into another section and delete it when its already expired.