How to use scheduler

Last Updated - January 04, 2019

Create and manage appointments

To create new appointment just simply click on empty slot or click and drag to extend appointment interval. In the opened window enter patient details or note, then click on the save button. After, by clicking on the appointment, you will be able to manage treatment, progress notes, billing, and storage right from the scheduler.

Working hours

For each of the dentist in your clinic, you can set specific working schedule and create appointments according to this working hours. If you haven’t added all of your dentists please check this page below, how to add more users. Go back to the calendar after. Click on the workhours top menu. choose a user then add workhours same way like adding a new appointment. Click, drag and drop to scale.

Multiple offices

This option fits better if you have multiple locations or diverse structure of your departments. You can create a separate schedule for each of your office, but all of the patients will be stored in one place under patients tab. By using this option, you are able to create any structure that you need – multiple schedulers with the specific set of rooms, working hours and appointments inside.

Task box

Don’t miss anything important. Use tasks for recalls, follow-ups or for any other purposes. On the bottom of the page, you can see a task box. As soon as you complete the task it will be automatically hidden from the task box and here you can see upcoming and due tasks.

Additional params

You can customize your schedule by clicking on the params button on the right. Here you can hide some specific days, for example, weekends, set start and end of your working hours, choose the first day of the week and add multiple rooms. This option designed for clinics who have multiple rooms/chairs, so two or more dentists can work at the same time.

If you are a solo dentist, we recommend you just use only one room.